Waiting ft. Martika Gregory

from by F.E.L.N.

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Patience is a virtue.
But when it's this good?
Who needs to wait.


- Verse 1 (FELN)

I met her round the way, stuntin on her bullshit.
Dressed to kill, fully loaded full clip.
Body type curvaceous & them full lips?
Got a nigga feeling shook off a full kiss.
Tight clothes, nice poses she throw causal.
Let me know this a shorty that I have to pull.
Fix my tie, calm down - act natural.
& then we take off. & then we take off.
A little lah some henny shots take weight off.
She the boss so I let her set the pace off.
You should've seen the way I made her shake them lames off.
Fireworks baby, let me set that frame off.
She really wasn't too impressed by the game talk.
She need something real? I'ma give her that.
Boomerang love - toss it then I get it back.
If it comes back to you? It's yours just remember that.

- Chorus (Martika Gregory)

I've been waiting for you for some time.
All I wanna do is make you mine.
Cuz I don't wanna wait - no more.
I don't wanna wait, no more.
I don't wanna wait, no more.
No, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, No I don't wanna.

- Verse 2 (FELN)

It gets better than it started.
Her ex ain't play her close? That nigga retarded.
Now all she wanna do is start shit.
& leave her panties lying round the damn apartment.
I ain't trippin - my heart skips beats when I see her.
& when I'm all up in it? I'ma true believer.
Catch the holy ghost like holy smokes a seizure.
Knock it out the box baby, major leaguer.
A little lah and some henny set the mood right.
Even bead of sweat glistens in the moonlight.
The way she's holding on? Both her grips is too tight.
This kinda mission ain't the sight that's made for fools eyes.
A million passions she just direct me to ecstasy.
That's how I'm knowing all her promises is kept to me.
That's how I'm knowing all her promises is meant to me.
Fixated girl you still the greatest next to me.

- Chorus

- Bridge (Martika Gregory)

It's the simple conversation, makes me feel no hesitation.
I wanna be close to you, I'm loving the things you do.
When the feelings this good? You don't wanna let go.
Don't wanna take it slow, oh no.
I wanna be close to you, I'm loving the things you do.


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Junia-T



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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