T​.​O. Noire

from by F.E.L.N.

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The darkest nights allow the deepest perspectives.
Good art, bad reality.
FELN's final reflection on his life and the industry.


- Verse 1

I'm bout to roll one and light it and fxck it man no one's invited.
Ghost's in my mind, they have to be free so the blunt I ignite it.
Taking my draws as I'm tracing the stars.
Making my patterns embracing the awe.
Tonight is the night I'll be breaking the law.
Upping the ante and raising the bar.
Girl on my left she's enjoying the game.
Far as she goes though, forgetting her name.
She guess the right one is getting away.
She guessing right cuz I'm not here to stay.
For a good time, not a long time. For a ball time.
Hoodies up when it's fall time.
Want it all til it's all mine.
Good views with my hood crew.
Honolulu with a full zoo.
Wardrobe for the winter time, that's furs up, watch us pull through.
The Hermes of verse. Venting my curses.
& repping my blessings and keeping direction til my life is perfect.
Sippin n trippin for so long and listen.
I know I'm addicted to throwing my vision.
Life of the night and the purplest Sprite just be getting me twisted.
I stretch with the distance.
Say I'm getting different? Accept it as change.
Now I'm taking the language.
Accept it as game.

- Chorus

Top down in the summer. Hennessy with the breeze.
I'm everyone that I know. A nobody with needs.
Married to the night. Brought me to my knees.
So I had to propose. Life is promised to me.

- Verse 2

They say life is dramatic? Well fxck it I'm chilling.
No time for the stresses. Only get what you're willing.
To sacrifice for, what you'll live for, what you'll die for.
Give a hand, leg or an eye for. Lose your time for.
Lose you mind for and the signs raw.
When it's not working for you.
This Hollywood north we all don't get a portal.
Social indifferences, keep the shit cordial.
Build it, you'll get it, you gotta support you.
Industries fxcked up, the system will whore you.
Deny and divorce you, deny to endorse you.
Let all the negatives here reinforce you.
Show and you'll prove and you'll see what is more true.
Staying respected will get you connected.
Don't bother saying it if you ain't meant it.
You'll get your payment for hustle investment.
I get it - I get it - you get it? You'll get it.
Trill in my messages, fresh in my vestments.
Niggas is tacky - tic tac em like breath mints.
Henny and lobster to me that's a preference.
Putting my work in, you're seeing the method.
Slipping and tripping for so long and listen.
I know I'm addicted to throwing my vision.
Only accepting my standard for living.
My hustle ain't quitting the business just shifted.
Say I'm getting different? I'm just switching my lane.
I'm just shifting my gears. Then I'm winning the race.

- Chorus


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Creamie B of The Bass6



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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