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Taking some time out to smoke alone.
FELN unleashes the ghosts of his past that haunt his memory.


- Chorus

Inhale the ism let it dro me the fxck out.
Inhale the ism let it smoke me the fxck out.
Inhale the ism, haunt me hold me the fxck down.
Ghost's in my blunt - ghost's in my blunt. x2

- Verse 1

Exhaling, sailing through the spirits. Mixing up my minutes.
Time seems lost. Inhale on thoughts of the shadows left behind me.
Floating through my mind, these paths I gotta choose.
Win or lose ain't a true players perspective.
It's float above the game. Hold onto the reins.
Exhaling the pain. Inhaling relief.
Poison on her lips and there's death all in her speech.
Whisper to my ear all the things I need to hear.
I'm at her beckon call. After every draw.
Quickly take my draws so that no one here can witness.
My dance with these ghosts as they float off of my pigment.
I need to live this, not the reenactments.
Mirroring mirages as the dead have beauty pageants off my blunt.
Ash it once, flare that fxcking cherry up.
Burn it down, down to roach - solo I'm just roasting up.


The magic in me, I see dead men. My pockets full too.
Full of their brethren and I'm venting.
Keep the rounds running, blunted. Doing bout 100.
And the miles just keep on coming.
Poltergeist smoking, toking on that haunted hill.
Haunted ills, fxcking up my mind with these plots I feel.
To pursue, I pursue swishers too. Or a paper plane or two.
That'll fxcking get me through. My twisted paranoia.
My world fulla dreams, becomes night of the living dead.
Burning the skeme. Floating through this ether.
Smoke turn you to fiend.
But you don't need to worry cuz I purchase just for me.
Exhale my guilts, inhale my motives.
Passion takes over and my power is promoted.
Inhale the love, exhale the bogus.
Passion takes over now these ghost got me focused out the blunt.


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Avidd



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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