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In the pursuit of what you want. It's best to demand, what you want.
Fxck You Pay Me.


- Verse 1

These niggas got nerve. Talking bout who got swerved.
Talk about who got served. Bottle after bottle.
Tell bout who got curved, model after model.
No reason to bother though, less them bitches got the dough.
We on that pay to play. Arcade, magic man, arcane.
Whores throw the arch in.
Game got tighter. My face stayed the same, but my outlook got brighter.
And fxck I'm on fire. So the kush stay the same. Cooked up some lames. On some lunch time, brunch time.
Bomb em all away.
& I brought a broad to play that's the baddest with the aim.
So stay right in your lane you tryna see another day.
I don't make mistakes, I don't fxck with repetition.
I'm getting premonitions that you hate on our position.
Cuz your crew unlisted and you're victims lacking vision.
And all that I envision is a better pad for pimpin.

- Chorus

Fxck you Pay Me x8

- Verse 2

Fits clean, looking like a shadow in an alley.
No scallys from the valley since I got way cuter.
I'ma make mover, straight shooter. Know I'm fresh up.
Pretty from the neck up, pretty from the neck down.
Other niggas let downs, best clowns.
Three ring, circus what they be in.
Fxck with us, we all zoned.
Tdot - East side - beach side I call home.
Grills in, all chrome. I'm allowed a boast.
Congratulate and pay me. I'm allowed a toast.
Voices in my head? Well, I'm allowed a ghost.
Eggs poached, black rope. YGH bad folks.
Nomadz - have hope, I'm still here with you.
Links still official though the industry may diss you.
Steal the style and misuse, but hate isn't an issue.
I'm into this love shit. Stack up - love flips.
Bad luck, we love grip so you can't have any pa.

- Chorus


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Creamie B of The Bass6



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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