Do or Die ft. ADDUP

from by F.E.L.N.

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Shaking off the memories of lost love, F.E.L.N. calls ADDUP to get back to the hustle that matters. Isn't duality grand?


- Verse 1 (FELN)

Loopy solutions my solutuon's? Brown pollution.
Henny and Heine moving through my system so fluid.
Forward movement. How we do it cruising.
Buying out the bar tops, brass rail, bar shots,
Shots of that hands off. Tell her to swallow cock.
I ain't trying to trick much, tips up.
Face down - ass up. Tits up. She give my balls a lift up.
Then she give a lick up. Brrr that's a stick up.
Been banging, said I wanted lobster living.
Now I got lobster living, you haters must be livid.
But see I had the vision, handsome with it, handle business.
And had some brash decisions that's lessons though have to live it.
Was pumping clock round. Now it's AC with the top down.
Groupies pull they tops down and everything's a go.
And everything is pro - low pros - doors suicide.
I go from boots to suit and tie. Stupid fly.
Come scrutinize.

Chorus x2 (both)

It goes front, back, side to side.
Down a couple bottles and we down to ride.
Turn the bass all the way up, time to fly.
Nomadz all day baby - do or die.

- Verse 2 (Addup)

My whip hate me cuz I push that shit so hard.
4 doors got it moving like a race car.
Bass thumping like I'm beating down the trunk.
Swerving side to side, driving like I'm drunk.
No tints you can see the pimp inside.
No need to trick my ride to get between her thighs.
I'm a dirtbag. Just gripping on the wheel.
These suckers chirping like I care just how they feel.
Yeah they mad bro, cuz we got cash flow.
Face down, got my dick up in her asshole.
I stuff her face - then I toss her like the trash bro.
And you still love her wanna eat it like a casserole.
-yuck- (both) N-O-M-A-DZ - you know we G.
Hate up on the team cuz we move just like marines.
I took a couple dreams then I put em on a triple beam.
Weighing out my options while I'm sipping on that lean.

- Chorus


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Creamie B of The Bass6



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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