Caught Up

from by F.E.L.N.

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Money or Love? Fxck it.
Either one can get you caught up.


- Verse 1

I ain't trying to settle down with no regular type of girl, they say we like em down to Mars and shorty be outta this world.

But I ain't trying to be distracted from the paper that I'm catching, I ain't acting we be drafting, never lacking - never slacking.
Got my head around this cake & I ain't trying to fxcking slip, got no time for no lip or spending time or space on chicks.
OR keeping you around, when there's moves and it's time to flip.
So I'm staying on my shit. Life is better through these tints.

I ain't trying to hear your stress or be your shoulder for no reason. If you're riding ride for real, I'ma lifer fxck a season.
And I ain't one for competing , I'm only about winning.
So unless it's moves you're bringing? You ain't checking how I'm living.
I'm a YoungGoHard - rather show then prove.
So is you rolling with a winner? Or is you in my way to move?
I can show you how we do & all I ask is trust.
Sound familiar? Cold as winter, front and be left in the dust.

I did a long term stint and I been single since, taught to never trust a bitch, These hoes'll ditch you in a pinch so I got my mind on my money. Money on my mind - mind mind on my money - money on my mind. x2

I'm bout my henny and rolling up, thrashing hard and posting up. Blazing trees and coasting up. Sunways lamping soak em up.
Expensive drinks in coconuts. Sell what I gotta rope em up.
Dope for your nostrils - coke em up. Dope for your lungs too = smoke em up. So all my moves is mostly bucks. Everything else? Is no discuss n ain't no other nigga finna show me up. So I don't see the point in em showing up.

But she's beautiful I can see that. Her aura, I can feel that. I'm tripping it's like real rap. Caught up - it's a real trap. She's so far away. I'm trying to go the distance. Money or love and they both uplifting. I never trust a bitch. But I swear this different. Her view on my wounds man - she caught me limping. Whole entire style had to be god given. If she's got my attention? He's got me gifted. Cloud 9 oh my - the view so vivid. The way that she built she some type of vixen. Lost in her style this shit got my twisted. This shit got me twisted.

-The End?-


from T​.​O. Noire, released November 14, 2014
Produced by Fate



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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