T​.​O. Noire

by F.E.L.N.

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Our city, my perspective.


released November 14, 2014



all rights reserved


F.E.L.N. Toronto, Ontario

I make music.. Sometimes it's Rap - sometimes it's Trap & sometimes it's Trip..

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Track Name: True Story ft. Janette Moon
- Verse 1

Moving ahead now, like I'm dead now and my spirit's just floating.
Yeah, I'm ghosting. Keep it rolling.
Just move with the motions I've chosen.
Open like the sky up above me, from east end to Front.St.
I can can - be found found.
Low class surround sounds, systems that bass thump.
I want you to play this, this darkness I came from.
From zero on pay stubs to lobster and paid up.
Models fixing makeup, it's fxcked up - that progress.
No regrets. I'm honest. Lessons so needed.
Lessons I've heeded, I've outfought these demons.
My purpose? I've seen it. And roll with the concepts.
It's my time. You on it. I've held it and caused it to slip.
The links? They got covered in rust.
Nomadz / YGH - I do this for us.
The lifestyle is Lavish and cold to the touch.
Welcome to this real world. The world that I love.


- Verse 2

Remembering the city scene, secret beach, you and me.
Doing what it do and how we do? We was just doing we.
Feeling you like braille paper. Skeeting on the bail papers.
Private time, public places.
We face to face it. Oh what a vibe - it was just her and I.
Was it wrong? Was it right?
We know the answer. Now I'm in my thoughts like.. Did I have her?
Maybe I did. But in the end? That's all that experience is.
Something like a dream, just experience this.
Passport to my thoughts - permission to live, my lust and my longing.
Come to understand how this life is my calling.
Voice of the rebel - rebel yell - never settle.
For less than what I earned or deserved.
Pop that reserve, welcome to the real world.
Track Name: Do or Die ft. ADDUP
- Verse 1 (FELN)

Loopy solutions my solutuon's? Brown pollution.
Henny and Heine moving through my system so fluid.
Forward movement. How we do it cruising.
Buying out the bar tops, brass rail, bar shots,
Shots of that hands off. Tell her to swallow cock.
I ain't trying to trick much, tips up.
Face down - ass up. Tits up. She give my balls a lift up.
Then she give a lick up. Brrr that's a stick up.
Been banging, said I wanted lobster living.
Now I got lobster living, you haters must be livid.
But see I had the vision, handsome with it, handle business.
And had some brash decisions that's lessons though have to live it.
Was pumping clock round. Now it's AC with the top down.
Groupies pull they tops down and everything's a go.
And everything is pro - low pros - doors suicide.
I go from boots to suit and tie. Stupid fly.
Come scrutinize.

Chorus x2 (both)

It goes front, back, side to side.
Down a couple bottles and we down to ride.
Turn the bass all the way up, time to fly.
Nomadz all day baby - do or die.

- Verse 2 (Addup)

My whip hate me cuz I push that shit so hard.
4 doors got it moving like a race car.
Bass thumping like I'm beating down the trunk.
Swerving side to side, driving like I'm drunk.
No tints you can see the pimp inside.
No need to trick my ride to get between her thighs.
I'm a dirtbag. Just gripping on the wheel.
These suckers chirping like I care just how they feel.
Yeah they mad bro, cuz we got cash flow.
Face down, got my dick up in her asshole.
I stuff her face - then I toss her like the trash bro.
And you still love her wanna eat it like a casserole.
-yuck- (both) N-O-M-A-DZ - you know we G.
Hate up on the team cuz we move just like marines.
I took a couple dreams then I put em on a triple beam.
Weighing out my options while I'm sipping on that lean.

- Chorus
Track Name: Ghosts
- Chorus

Inhale the ism let it dro me the fxck out.
Inhale the ism let it smoke me the fxck out.
Inhale the ism, haunt me hold me the fxck down.
Ghost's in my blunt - ghost's in my blunt. x2

- Verse 1

Exhaling, sailing through the spirits. Mixing up my minutes.
Time seems lost. Inhale on thoughts of the shadows left behind me.
Floating through my mind, these paths I gotta choose.
Win or lose ain't a true players perspective.
It's float above the game. Hold onto the reins.
Exhaling the pain. Inhaling relief.
Poison on her lips and there's death all in her speech.
Whisper to my ear all the things I need to hear.
I'm at her beckon call. After every draw.
Quickly take my draws so that no one here can witness.
My dance with these ghosts as they float off of my pigment.
I need to live this, not the reenactments.
Mirroring mirages as the dead have beauty pageants off my blunt.
Ash it once, flare that fxcking cherry up.
Burn it down, down to roach - solo I'm just roasting up.


The magic in me, I see dead men. My pockets full too.
Full of their brethren and I'm venting.
Keep the rounds running, blunted. Doing bout 100.
And the miles just keep on coming.
Poltergeist smoking, toking on that haunted hill.
Haunted ills, fxcking up my mind with these plots I feel.
To pursue, I pursue swishers too. Or a paper plane or two.
That'll fxcking get me through. My twisted paranoia.
My world fulla dreams, becomes night of the living dead.
Burning the skeme. Floating through this ether.
Smoke turn you to fiend.
But you don't need to worry cuz I purchase just for me.
Exhale my guilts, inhale my motives.
Passion takes over and my power is promoted.
Inhale the love, exhale the bogus.
Passion takes over now these ghost got me focused out the blunt.
Track Name: Heartless ft. Wutu & KIRKSWERVE
Fxck y'all.
Track Name: All Night
- Verse 1

Went from ducking body bags in the shotty tag and poverty?
To building on the scale and eating good. Child of prophecy.
Never looking back back - to drugs in the back pack.
I'm straight fam. None of that be part of the game plan.
Flying high - hi - I'm high. On that keep him lit.
Never owned no keys to whips n still I'm known to please a bitch.
Count Trap - announce that, my crew ain't par with no birds.
No sir. In and out no long term, it's sojourn.
So learn that I'm killing it. Willing it ill in it.
Getting my fill and not giving it back.
See that I'm king of it. Given my rank. And see that I'm spending it.
Given my stack. Head til I'm headless. Ball til I'm friendless.
Call up a 10 bitch have her and her friend strip.
Finna see em french kiss in that 69 position.
I dunno where you been, but nigga I'm living.

- Chorus

Fight, fxck, wake up, do that shit again right?
This is our party bruh - finna be here all night.
All night - finna be here all night.
This is our party bruh - finna be here all night.

- Verse 2

Finger fxck a fxcking slut in public and she loves it.
We both drunk as fxck so the mentality is fxck it.
You calling me fussing cuz of something I've stolen.
But if this chick is yours? Where the fxck her time going?
Anyway, we blow plenty grades of fxcking tree.
All high rolling on that diet that be sugar free.
My niggas ain't faking - noses full of Ronald Regan.
Meet the pie - slice divide and eat the pie - we baking.
Beef'll see you seeing stars. Now you Carl Sagan.
No one I'm saving ain't no heroes over here bruh.
Nobody we fear bruh - need to get your gear up.
Twinkle toes, skirts make me wrinkle nose it's queer bruh.
Show you how to steer bruh. Wilding on the gear shift.
Shorty wanna feel dick? Take her on a field trip.
Hate gives you the flu? You gon' look my way and feel sick.
Empty in your pocket wondering where your next meal is.
Waste ting.

- Chorus
Track Name: A R T
Living bless under some stressless skies we restless guys.
That detest the spies, out fitted with best designs.
A couple bitches in the VIP with fat lips.
No sweat, don't lack attraction so I'm probably gon' know one.
Look who just showed up prepped to go nuts and just wreck the scene.
Your eyes green with jealousy at the hair and Hennessy.
Modern artistic twisted dusty coated fxcking coldest.
Easy to fxcking notice, fxcking sewn it, fxck the poignant.
He's fxcking bogus, roll with hoes that's poking holes in trojans.
Holy moly - I am rolling - no more molly after this.
My every sway is accurate, my wordplay is an acid trip.
Run circles round your trashy whip you're half my wits when rapping shit.
Grill and still boil. Nigga you are tin foil all your food has been spoiled.
You need a new plate - I'm the spades ace. Best card on display.
Thrilling bitches with a single finger spinning 'tween them legs.


You ain't on my level - you are low below my holy role.
Nigga I'ma golden soul that goes for goals and gets em.
Pretty with ill direction, plus it helps I'm good at sexing too.
We're getting food, you're getting boo'd.
You're getting bruised I'm that dope.
Trap notes popping capsules, selling rap flow stretching in my castle.
Motto still? It sticks no hassle. Hakuna Matata.
Not the type to talk to, less it's bucks or chucks or fxcking moves.
Fxcking dues? I'm paying true. Fxck your needs improvement crew.
Track Name: Caught Up
- Verse 1

I ain't trying to settle down with no regular type of girl, they say we like em down to Mars and shorty be outta this world.

But I ain't trying to be distracted from the paper that I'm catching, I ain't acting we be drafting, never lacking - never slacking.
Got my head around this cake & I ain't trying to fxcking slip, got no time for no lip or spending time or space on chicks.
OR keeping you around, when there's moves and it's time to flip.
So I'm staying on my shit. Life is better through these tints.

I ain't trying to hear your stress or be your shoulder for no reason. If you're riding ride for real, I'ma lifer fxck a season.
And I ain't one for competing , I'm only about winning.
So unless it's moves you're bringing? You ain't checking how I'm living.
I'm a YoungGoHard - rather show then prove.
So is you rolling with a winner? Or is you in my way to move?
I can show you how we do & all I ask is trust.
Sound familiar? Cold as winter, front and be left in the dust.

I did a long term stint and I been single since, taught to never trust a bitch, These hoes'll ditch you in a pinch so I got my mind on my money. Money on my mind - mind mind on my money - money on my mind. x2

I'm bout my henny and rolling up, thrashing hard and posting up. Blazing trees and coasting up. Sunways lamping soak em up.
Expensive drinks in coconuts. Sell what I gotta rope em up.
Dope for your nostrils - coke em up. Dope for your lungs too = smoke em up. So all my moves is mostly bucks. Everything else? Is no discuss n ain't no other nigga finna show me up. So I don't see the point in em showing up.

But she's beautiful I can see that. Her aura, I can feel that. I'm tripping it's like real rap. Caught up - it's a real trap. She's so far away. I'm trying to go the distance. Money or love and they both uplifting. I never trust a bitch. But I swear this different. Her view on my wounds man - she caught me limping. Whole entire style had to be god given. If she's got my attention? He's got me gifted. Cloud 9 oh my - the view so vivid. The way that she built she some type of vixen. Lost in her style this shit got my twisted. This shit got me twisted.

-The End?-
Track Name: Waiting ft. Martika Gregory
- Verse 1 (FELN)

I met her round the way, stuntin on her bullshit.
Dressed to kill, fully loaded full clip.
Body type curvaceous & them full lips?
Got a nigga feeling shook off a full kiss.
Tight clothes, nice poses she throw causal.
Let me know this a shorty that I have to pull.
Fix my tie, calm down - act natural.
& then we take off. & then we take off.
A little lah some henny shots take weight off.
She the boss so I let her set the pace off.
You should've seen the way I made her shake them lames off.
Fireworks baby, let me set that frame off.
She really wasn't too impressed by the game talk.
She need something real? I'ma give her that.
Boomerang love - toss it then I get it back.
If it comes back to you? It's yours just remember that.

- Chorus (Martika Gregory)

I've been waiting for you for some time.
All I wanna do is make you mine.
Cuz I don't wanna wait - no more.
I don't wanna wait, no more.
I don't wanna wait, no more.
No, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, No I don't wanna.

- Verse 2 (FELN)

It gets better than it started.
Her ex ain't play her close? That nigga retarded.
Now all she wanna do is start shit.
& leave her panties lying round the damn apartment.
I ain't trippin - my heart skips beats when I see her.
& when I'm all up in it? I'ma true believer.
Catch the holy ghost like holy smokes a seizure.
Knock it out the box baby, major leaguer.
A little lah and some henny set the mood right.
Even bead of sweat glistens in the moonlight.
The way she's holding on? Both her grips is too tight.
This kinda mission ain't the sight that's made for fools eyes.
A million passions she just direct me to ecstasy.
That's how I'm knowing all her promises is kept to me.
That's how I'm knowing all her promises is meant to me.
Fixated girl you still the greatest next to me.

- Chorus

- Bridge (Martika Gregory)

It's the simple conversation, makes me feel no hesitation.
I wanna be close to you, I'm loving the things you do.
When the feelings this good? You don't wanna let go.
Don't wanna take it slow, oh no.
I wanna be close to you, I'm loving the things you do.
Track Name: Drenched In My Fears
- Chorus

I'm drenched in my fears, but I ain't giving up.
Back against the wall, but I don't give a fxck.
I ain't nothing like you, I ain't ever stuck.
I'm hustling til I'm dead and gone and my time is really up.

If I looked like what I been through? I'd look like hell.
But I'm fxcking gorgeous. So I feel myself.
All I got is my health, even that is temporary.
Intensely scary, am I doing this shit the right way?
And I like pay, but my pay is slipping.
I'm a mystery and I don't like attention.
I'm a dropout and I forgot to mention -
that I'm stressed, stretching myself thin.
Mom's telling me "new career" and I ain't new to fear.
It's a familiar face.
I don't wanna disgrace my friends and fam.
That's why I'm here, in the first place.
I ain't really had no options, lots of losses in the past too.
As a lesson? I got tattooed that love is sacrifice.
I ain't listening to bosses, from all the shit that I've gone through?
Shit that would really haunt you? Rather gamble with these dice.
And put my fate in my own hands and put on for my Nomadz.
Hustle til I'm lifeless, all I'm wanting is more cash.
& it's so trash, that I'm overlooked and seen past.
While the weak thrive, take a good hard look into these eyes?
& know the pain of this street life.

- Chorus

- Verse 2

I've had love leave me behind, watch my friends turn new foes.
Holes all in my new clothes. No solid path or direction.
Left behind to suffer. Mocked by my own brethren.
Fear holding me back, lock me down like detentions.
& I'm so scared of being homeless and broke with no paper son.
So swamped with these fear I need, a way out and I'm making one.
All I need is a chance. If I see one? Then I'm taking one.
& if the heads don't turn?
Then we take the necks and we breaking one.
These other niggas being fake for fun.
All I've known is struggle fam.
Throwing down these shows and my crowds got no fxckin fans.
It's a fxcking scam. All this work and home work and known dirt.
My own work is what I got to do, but they'd rather watch the throne first.
Reality makes my soul hurt.
But my purpose here's to suffer.
So I can find the happiness that's hiding undercover.
So it's fxck you to ex-lovers and frienemies and enemies.
& fxck all of these fears - I won't let them be the end of me.

- Chorus
Track Name: Law Of Attraction (Stackin)
- Chorus

Getting that paper. I'm stacking those dollars.
Getting getting that paper. Getting that paper.
Getting that paper. Getting getting that paper.
Getting that paper. I'm stacking those dollars.
Getting that paper. I'm stacking those dollars.
Getting that paper. I'm stacking those dollars.
Getting getting that paper. Getting getting that paper.
Getting that paper. I'm stacking those dollars.

- Verse 1

Play money, wine and dine divine cuts with playboy bunnies.
Fashion disgusting, ready as hell for the soirees and functions.
Hoes pass us notes at the luncheons.
Swiftly set up for internal combustion.
Full price FELN, pay to play ain't my way though.
Hotter than volcanoes, you type pussy you ain't able.
To hold your own, you're toblerone.
Please leave the rugged tone alone.
We just stack that cash til our backs collapse.
You ain't lasting jack, we just curve the zone.
Live by your rules? You burn alone.
Paying myself for a furnished home.
Burning dro on the postal code, these posers drole.
Up and fold they role.
Wiped away quick ain't matching the latenance.
Gorgeous in my statements, send em home for maintenance.
Panties where the drapes is, bras by the hamper.
Cash, pussy, clothes? I am one happy camper.

- Chorus

- Verse 2

Doubling dough like fxck if you owe.
I'm a pro with the cake like I'm owning the mould.
You better know that you pay for the show.
Pay for the green, pay for the blow,
pay for the lean, pay for the chrome.
You thinking I'm symping? I'm finna be broke?
Flyest of fits and the flyest of bitches.
Entirely wit to be riding with.
Tired pussy entirely whipped, tied to a bitch while she tryin to strip.
Vibing n shit, thighs on my lips.
Tongue signing her clit while she sighing n shit.
Taste like cash when I eat the gash.
Dip when she tripping back to the stash.
Discussing those dollars in meetings with staff.
Cash on my collar stay gleaming like flash.
I be counting my cash bruh. Keep it coming yeah I have to.
To see it multiply faster? Every single grind you got? You gotta master.
Coast to coast on the show dates.
These niggas foodless getting no plates.
Every day? Celebration, we so caked.
You getting paper? Keep stacking - get paid.

- Chorus
Track Name: FYPM
- Verse 1

These niggas got nerve. Talking bout who got swerved.
Talk about who got served. Bottle after bottle.
Tell bout who got curved, model after model.
No reason to bother though, less them bitches got the dough.
We on that pay to play. Arcade, magic man, arcane.
Whores throw the arch in.
Game got tighter. My face stayed the same, but my outlook got brighter.
And fxck I'm on fire. So the kush stay the same. Cooked up some lames. On some lunch time, brunch time.
Bomb em all away.
& I brought a broad to play that's the baddest with the aim.
So stay right in your lane you tryna see another day.
I don't make mistakes, I don't fxck with repetition.
I'm getting premonitions that you hate on our position.
Cuz your crew unlisted and you're victims lacking vision.
And all that I envision is a better pad for pimpin.

- Chorus

Fxck you Pay Me x8

- Verse 2

Fits clean, looking like a shadow in an alley.
No scallys from the valley since I got way cuter.
I'ma make mover, straight shooter. Know I'm fresh up.
Pretty from the neck up, pretty from the neck down.
Other niggas let downs, best clowns.
Three ring, circus what they be in.
Fxck with us, we all zoned.
Tdot - East side - beach side I call home.
Grills in, all chrome. I'm allowed a boast.
Congratulate and pay me. I'm allowed a toast.
Voices in my head? Well, I'm allowed a ghost.
Eggs poached, black rope. YGH bad folks.
Nomadz - have hope, I'm still here with you.
Links still official though the industry may diss you.
Steal the style and misuse, but hate isn't an issue.
I'm into this love shit. Stack up - love flips.
Bad luck, we love grip so you can't have any pa.

- Chorus
Track Name: 1-800-Cocaine ft. Dillan Ponders, Jimmy B & SeT
Track Name: T.O. Noire
- Verse 1

I'm bout to roll one and light it and fxck it man no one's invited.
Ghost's in my mind, they have to be free so the blunt I ignite it.
Taking my draws as I'm tracing the stars.
Making my patterns embracing the awe.
Tonight is the night I'll be breaking the law.
Upping the ante and raising the bar.
Girl on my left she's enjoying the game.
Far as she goes though, forgetting her name.
She guess the right one is getting away.
She guessing right cuz I'm not here to stay.
For a good time, not a long time. For a ball time.
Hoodies up when it's fall time.
Want it all til it's all mine.
Good views with my hood crew.
Honolulu with a full zoo.
Wardrobe for the winter time, that's furs up, watch us pull through.
The Hermes of verse. Venting my curses.
& repping my blessings and keeping direction til my life is perfect.
Sippin n trippin for so long and listen.
I know I'm addicted to throwing my vision.
Life of the night and the purplest Sprite just be getting me twisted.
I stretch with the distance.
Say I'm getting different? Accept it as change.
Now I'm taking the language.
Accept it as game.

- Chorus

Top down in the summer. Hennessy with the breeze.
I'm everyone that I know. A nobody with needs.
Married to the night. Brought me to my knees.
So I had to propose. Life is promised to me.

- Verse 2

They say life is dramatic? Well fxck it I'm chilling.
No time for the stresses. Only get what you're willing.
To sacrifice for, what you'll live for, what you'll die for.
Give a hand, leg or an eye for. Lose your time for.
Lose you mind for and the signs raw.
When it's not working for you.
This Hollywood north we all don't get a portal.
Social indifferences, keep the shit cordial.
Build it, you'll get it, you gotta support you.
Industries fxcked up, the system will whore you.
Deny and divorce you, deny to endorse you.
Let all the negatives here reinforce you.
Show and you'll prove and you'll see what is more true.
Staying respected will get you connected.
Don't bother saying it if you ain't meant it.
You'll get your payment for hustle investment.
I get it - I get it - you get it? You'll get it.
Trill in my messages, fresh in my vestments.
Niggas is tacky - tic tac em like breath mints.
Henny and lobster to me that's a preference.
Putting my work in, you're seeing the method.
Slipping and tripping for so long and listen.
I know I'm addicted to throwing my vision.
Only accepting my standard for living.
My hustle ain't quitting the business just shifted.
Say I'm getting different? I'm just switching my lane.
I'm just shifting my gears. Then I'm winning the race.

- Chorus